Using this website you can upload your price lists to the LBMX Document Centre as a specially formatted Excel or CSV (comma-separated values) file.

Log in

Use your LBMX Document Centre credentials to log in to the web site. If you experience problems logging in, please contact the LBMX Support at or by calling 1-877-429-5269.

Upload Price List File

Please select an Excel or CSV (comma-separated values) file that contains your price list.

In order for your price list data to be successfully imported into the LBMX Document Centre, the columns in your Excel file must be mapped to the appropriate fields in the Document Centre database. A collection of such mappings is called a Layout. A generic sample layout is provided to illustrate what data your price list can contain and what columns are required. You can use the sample layout as a template for creating your price list Excel spreadsheet, or you can define custom layouts specific to your Excel file format(s).

If you have previously created a custom layout that fits the Excel spreadsheet you are uploading, then select it from the list and click Existing Layout. Otherwise, click New Layout to define a new custom layout.

Create or Modify File Layout

The preview table in this screen shows a sample of your uploaded Excel data. Using the links in the table's sub-header you can map your Excel columns to the fields in the Document Centre price list database table. You can choose between mapping database fields to Excel columns and mapping Excel columns to database fields.

To save the changes and validate the uploaded data click the Save Layout button. Any table cells containing invalid data will be highlighted with red colour. Hover your mouse cursor over a highlighted cell to display the error message in a pop-up tooltip.

Once you have defined all required mappings and your uploaded data successfully passes all validation checks, click the Save Layout button to continue importing your price list data.

Once your layout is error-free, click Continue Uploading to save your uploaded price list.

Enter Price List Information

Enter the title or reference number for your price list along with its currency and optional additional information, then click the Save button to continue.

Depending on the size of your price list file this step may take some time, so please wait and do not close the browser or click the Back button.

Confirm & Publish Price List

Using the preview table please check your uploaded price list for accuracy and click the Publish Price List button to activate the price list.

In case of any inaccuracies click Start Over to reject the price list and either fix the problems in your Excel file or modify the mappings in the selected layout.